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Read what our customer have to say about us.

Sharon and Joseph Falco, Bartlett​

"We have lived in Bartlett for more than 20 years. We have a spectacular double lot with giant oaks and over 30 mature pines. Until last summer I couldn't find a real landscaper to save my soul. Yes, plenty of pretend landscapers that basically cut grass and picked-up leaved. But most couldn't tell the rose shrub from the rock. Then along came Ken Kand from Before & After Landscape Design. Wow a real live landscaper. Someone who actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about.. and by the way he does! He and his crew have done wonders. He's dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, and hardworking. And, he's always on the job. We couldn't recommend him enough, he's fantastic! Our yard has become an oasis and a sanctuary for all of our family and friends to enjoy".


Pete and Janet Ingraffia, Bartlett

"As I'm writing this letter, I'm sitting in the beautiful, tranquil surroundings that Ken & his team has created. His input and ideas has been invaluable in forming a garden of our dreams. They have far exceeded our expectations. His eagerness to please is something not found in many landscapers we have dealt with in the past. He has provided excellent customer service and has always been very responsive to our needs and wants. We would not hesitate in hiring them in the future as our dreams and goals are never ending. We with them continued success".

Steve and Renae Johnson, Carol Stream

"Thank you so much for the outstanding work you've done on our front and back yards.  The work you and your team have done exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the results.  You managed to salvage our backyard from the terrible infestation of Yarrow.  Buck-thorn and Thistles and created a beautiful and easy maintained space. We love sitting on the patio just looking at the yard now, something we avoided for years. The raised vegetable garden is a perfect addition and the layout of the entire backyard is wonderful. We are very excited about the landscaping in our front yard. The design provides plenty of room for growth and makes the yard look quite unique in our neighborhood. Your commitment to excellence, customer service and satisfaction is simply evident in everything you do. In our situation, you went above and beyond the call of duty many times. I would be pleased to provide the highest recommendation for your company and your work. Thank you for the outstanding work in transforming our yards into a beautiful showplace".

Meg Corcoran, Schaumburg

We asked Before and After to completely redo our landscaping, including re-grading a section according to an engineering drainage plan from another company. Ken asked a lot of questions about what we wanted (i.e. low maintenance, type of plants) then came back with a draft plan. We reviewed it with him, made modifications, went back and forth a bunch of times because we had trouble making up our minds, and then he installed it. He had to wait for the re-grading engineering plan and permit, and for us to put in a new fence, so he split the work into pieces and did some yard clean-up, then the re-grading, and then the major work. Because of things on our end, no fault of his, the work ended up being completed in early December when the weather was really cold. Ken and his crew came out and did the work as soon as we gave him the go-ahead, without complaint. They were professional, polite, and very attentive to our requests for information or for changes (and we asked for a lot of changes). We have to wait to spring to see all the new plants in bloom, but we are very happy with the overall look. We couldn't decide on treatment in one small area the yard, and we do plan to use them again in the spring to complete that area.

Myriam Miller, Schaumburg

Ken is a very low key, knowledgable and professional landscaper. He carefully listened to what we wanted (low maintenance), helped us figure out what would look good for our patio, had available on his phone pictures of what he was recommending, and drew for us a planting diagram of what the finished look would be. He willingly worked within our budget, but when the budget had to shrink, he planted accordingly and showed us what could be done now and what could be postponed until next spring.

Carmen Cuellar, Bartlett

2nd time we've worked with Ken Kand of Before and After Landscape Design. Ken provided us a beautiful drawing for our backyard. He built our paver patio, and I knew I would call him again to finish up the yard.Ken is an amazing person. Patient and great sense of design. He took us to the nurseries and let us pick out our boulders and flagstones. At one point we decided NOT to do everything on the design.... but ended up doing more -- as it was so beautiful.Let's just say -- I called Ken the "Dream Whisperer" -- because I can't even believe this is now my yard. Not even in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned such beauty.Ken and his team - -very courteous and went over and beyond in doing the little things. For instance, they also finished with mulch and Ken called to tell me that the guys were finishing watering all the plantings. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND KEN! WE PLAN .... hopefully to continue our working relationship with him with plans for the front of the house next year.

Peter Babikan, Bartlett

It was such a pleasure working with Ken and his crew were very good. Ken is a soft-spoken person but he knows his landscaping and is very honest with you. He provided two different drawings/designs on each project and also included or transplanted quite a few plants we had in our yard. We have received many compliments on how our retaining wall and front walkway just completely changed the curb appeal on our house. Our backyard project included the planting of a Newport Plum tree. The first two that Ken planted wound up dying for unknown reasons. Ken contacted the nursery and they special ordered a third tree that was planted this past Spring and is doing very well. We are planninig on having some more work done in our backyard and we will definitely be calling him for that work.

Cynthia Richetti, St. Charles

Designed and created plating beds, islands, and focal points; installed flagstones in several areas; transplanted 20+ huge shrubs; cleaned up beds and mulched; planted shrubs and trees.Working with Ken and his team was a terrific experience from start to finish! We had just moved into a new home and had big plans for the yard. Even though we couldn't do all that we had originally intended to (e.g. patio with water feature) Ken was very understanding, creative and flexible. We really wanted to create privacy in our backyard and Ken helped us see how we could use existing plantings for maximum impact. Ken and his crew are wonderful!

Carmen Cuellar, Bartlett

Absolutely amazing wonderful experience working with Ken Kand and his crew --We are also adding a rock garden and having Ken plant flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. in flower boxes and surrounding the patio.Member Comments: We decided on getting a quote from Before & After Landscaping Design last April. At the time I had asked Ken Kand for a list of references. He provided over 30 references - and Ken was amazed that I contacted every person. I was equally amazed at how each person loved working with Ken and his crew and loved the final product they received. Intrigued, we were invited by many references to check out his patio design and loved it. We waited a year and in April 2012 I called Ken and asked if he would still honor his quote from the prior year and he said he would.Ken gave us three different designs to choose from and we were delighted by all the choices.The Before & After Design Team started each day on time. Clean up was amazing each day. I provided beverages, breakfasts and lunches. This is not required by all means, but it was definitely appreciated. I appreciated each member of Ken's team and would recommend them with highest grade of A+.We plan on hiring Ken and his team again when we redo our from yard. Ken is soft spoken and very kind. I consider him more than the guy I hired - I made a new friend. Our neighbor has now requested a quote and so did our sister. Ken is the best -- he may be a little higher than other quotes, but realize, you are not just hiring someone who is going to build you a patio, you are hiring a designer and an amazing crew who cares. He has come out to check on things late at night when I have questions. Ken is always available by text messages and phone. LOVED WORKING WITH THEM!

Robert Ward, Schaumburg

Ken, the owner, showed up on time for all of his appointments. He was very professional presenting the plans for the design. He did a nice job incorporating what was existent already in our front yard with the new landscaping design. Ken was also on site during the whole project, so it wasn't just a crew coming out to work on site. Also, he was available to assist the crews with any problems or issues.

Joe & Amy Zinga, Bartlett


My wife and I wanted to write and thank you for a job very well done.  As a person in the service industry, I take particular note of companies (like yours), who make every attempt to provide world class service.  From the time we began discussions and pricing, to the work being done, to finalizing the process – you and your team were great to work with.  You and your team were respectful, polite, and clearly took the time to do the job well.

This was most evident when we had discrepancies with some of the things done and we asked you to make changes to some of the work that had been done.  You were receptive to what we had to say and provided considerate responses with the intent of ensuring that we came away from this experience in a positive manner.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case nowadays and it was refreshing to work with a company that handled adversity with the same class and grace as a new quote.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team again, and would encourage others to do the same.


Thank you,

Joe & Amy Zinga

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